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The Siam Beach Mini-bus services

brand new Nissan Urvan 3.0 Di GX minibus Due to popular demand the Siam Beach Resort maintains a set of colorful Nissan Urvan 3.0Di GX minibuses. These minibuses can seat 9 people without luggage, but for rides that last more than 1 hour, we recommend a maximum of 6 persons to be transported at once. The same goes for groups with luggage.

In previous years, many of our guest indicated that a 12 hour flight plus a few extra hours for check in and check out on either side was more than enough to experience in a single day and that they would, much rather, like to rest in the back of a comfortable & properly air conditioned, spacious minibus than sit like sardines in a can on a public bus, shared minibus, minivan or regular taxi, which may still beat spending a few more hours at the airport, waiting for a domestic flight to finally depart.

Mini Van Driver Mr. MaiWorking with third party transporters turned out to be a bit of a headache, as some of them refused to get on the ferry and deliver our guests all the way to our doorstep, while others would turn up an hour late or had forgotten to bring welcoming name signs and / or their mobile phones. Fortunately there have never been reports of any major accidents or theft of personal belongings like we sometimes hear when our guests discuss the well known Kao Sarn mini-bus services. However, we felt that our guests deserve a guaranteed safe trip during which they need not worry about anything besides the when and where they would like to make toilet and other stops, if any at all.

This is when we decided to start our own Lonely Beach minibus service and place the care of our sleeping or relaxing guests in the very capable hand of our very friendly driver: Mr. Sarod (aka Mai). Don't let first impressions fool you: Mr. Sarod is one of the most attentive and friendly persons we had the pleasure of working with and he has been working with our resort and it's owner for over a decade. Mr. Sarod does not drink and doesn't mind waking up early which, combined with him never being late or hardly ever getting sick, makes him the perfect pick up partner for all trips to the Siam Resorts.

Our New Minibus Driver It wasn't long when one minibus wasn't enough to cover all the back and forth's to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport plus the short trips around the island and the region, so we were happy to be forced to buy yet another minibus to aid Mr. Mai whom, at the time, reportedly spend more nights sleeping in the minibus then at home in his Siam Hut bungalow. To drive this new minibus we called in the help of Mr. Wat whom was our most experienced private chauffeur for the Siam Beach Resort management for quite a while.

Together these two men probably make up the most dedicated team of drivers on the island of Koh Chang, so if you are in need of a safe and quick journey, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Late 2010 Update:

From now until at least the 31st of December 2011, there will be no Siam Beach minibus pick up's available for off-island locations, as our drivers will have to run the Lonely Beach - Bangkok Airport express minibus service. For on island transfers during that time, please contact our reception. Until that time you are most welcome to visit the Koh Chang Minibus & Trat Airport Transfers page to book minivan or private car transfers from Koh Chang to Bangkok, Trat Airport, Aranyaprathet, Hat Lek, Pattaya or Ban Phe through a closely related Minibus company on Koh Chang. Below form can be used only for transfers after the 31st of December 2011.

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If you experience any problems with the sending this Minibus reservation form, or if you want to make an inquiry first, please e-mail to:

Also available for other drop off locations.

Pickups are also available if you have a confirmed reservation in some our sister resorts like: the Siam Bay Resort on Koh Chang, the Koh Kood Resort bungalows and the for Rest Boutique guesthouse on Koh Kood. For the latter goes that the Koh Chang minivan will take you directly to the Laem Sok speedboat piers or, if you are unable to make it on time for either the morning or the early afternoon speedboat, to the S.A hotel in Trat city.

Just the Two of You?

Then you may also want to consider the slightly cheaper, but a bit more luxurious Bangkok city limousines and Bangkok Airport limousines. The so-called limousines are actually nicer Toyota Camry's and their larger seats and more comfortable cushions may make your journey even more pleasant.

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