Siam Beach Resort on Koh Chang island

Beachfront Accommodations at the Siam Beach Resort on Lonely Beach on Koh Chang

Our Deluxe Poolside Beach Front rooms

Our deluxe room ensure a magnificant Sea View for everyoneAll of our comfortable deluxe Beach Front rooms are build right on the white sand of lonely beach, so that all of our guests can enjoy the magnificent view of beach, sea and jungle and all of the amazing sunsets that Thailand has to offer.

An impressive view of the swimming pool from every Deluxe room

All of our tropical deluxe pool view rooms buildings were constructed in the end of 2005 and the rooms were completed early 2006. Air conditioners chill your Deluxe Pool View room in an environment friendly manner and there are electrical sockets in reachable places, so you can easily charge your mobile phone, notebook or digital camera. New TV, Refrigerator, airconditionr and matrasses: how comfortable can it getA refrigerator / Minibar is installed for your convenience. If the supplied drinks and snacks won't suffice please feel free to call the reception for a refill or if there are items you like that aren't in there, feel free to fill it with whatever you like, from our Siam Hut Minimarket about 10 minutes down the beach, or from one of the several 7-eleven shops that you will find on Koh Chang island, the nearest being on the other side of the hill on the road to Kai bae beach.

A brand new 21" TV with several english language movie channels, news channels, a sports channel and all of the local Thai TV stations will ensure that no-one in your family or group will have to be bored for a single minute.

Every Deluxe Pool and Sea View room est. 2006

Comfortable bed makes things more fun, especially the next dayThe large balcony makes an ideal place to enjoy those wonderful sunsets, do a little day (or night-) time reading or just to enjoy the exotic tropical forest with lush tropical vegetation and the white beaches. Ask for neighboring rooms when you visit the Siam Beach resort Koh Chang with more couples or older children in your party, so that you can share the large balcony in front of the room. The two top level rooms in each of these A buildings boast a higher level of privacy, while the two bottom level rooms are more easily accessible and attract more active couples and families with children or elderly persons. Each of these A buildings holds just four deluxe beach front rooms, with only double beds in the rooms on the top floor and even numbered rooms with double beds and odd numbered rooms with twin beds on the ground floor.

Siam Beach resort offers maximum comfort at affordable rates

lonely beach north sideOur nearly endless lonely beach ensures a lot of privacy, if you'd like to be left alone. Although some or our cambodian colleagues can manage to climb the rocks at the end of the beach to go on to the Siam Bay resort next door, there are very few other people that know, or dare, to do so. Most of them stroll back long before they reach the hill that holds our original hill bungalows and excutive Pool Villas, making the last stretch of lonely beach as private and peaceful as it sounds.


Lonely Beach is the most private and peaceful on the west coast

bathroom with windowTropical Shower pictureThe tropical bathroom is spacious and comes with a hot water system. The separate toilet provides good privacy and the location of the sink and mirror(s) make it very easy for a family with children to shower, wash and freshen up in a jiffy without falling all over each other.

Tropical forests wherever you look... even in your bathroom!

Comfortable beds right on lonely beach, Koh ChangThe tasteful decorations, beautiful wooden parket floors and large glass doors make a stay in these rooms a true Deluxe experience.

A good night's sleep ensures a fun day at the beach.

Comfortable beds are just as important as the perfect view. Without a good night's rest it is hard to have fun in the sun the next day, so we bought the latest and best mattresses that are available here to ensure that you have the most relaxing vacation that is possible.

For an unforgettable holiday in the tropics

A truly tropical resort: palm trees, lush vegetation, white beaches and blue seas

Siam Beach Resort, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, Koh Chang island, Trat, 23170 Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)8-007-007-64, +66(0)87-026-5515