Siam Beach Resort on Koh Chang island

The Hillside bungalows at the Siam Beach Resort

Hillside bungalows on stilts providing the best Sea View

Proven popularity

Even though the hillside bungalows at the Siam Beach Resort are constantly subject of keep-or-not-keep discussions, these bungalows tend to be occupied continuously, as they remain popular with couples that require maximum privacy and with people that spend most of their days on the beach, in the swimming pool or elsewhere outside and don't want to spend their entire budget on room rent only.

A fantastic Beach, Bay and Sea view from almost every Bungalow

Magnificant view of Lonely Beach and the SeaThe View from our Hillside bungalows is unique on Ko Chang and possibly in the entire Trat province. Depending on the location of the bungalow you can see an endless line of coconut trees, beach and a part of the sea, or you will have an open view of the Gulf of Thailand. No matter what bungalow you get, we guarantee a magnificent view for everyone. (For pre-booked rooms only. Walk-in guests risk having to stay in the low numbered bungalows near the back of the hill). To see the view from the Hillside bungalows for yourself, just click on the bungalow number: H4, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17, H18. When we took these pictures during the rainy season in July, some of the bungalows where occupied, so we did not want to bother the guests to take a picture from the front of their bungalow. In those cases we took a picture along the side of the bungalow, just to give you an impression. Bungalows H19 thru H22 could not be reached due to construction. Please note that it is not possible to reserve a specific bungalow.

New Air conditioners and comfortable twin beds.

Comfortable Twin Beds, Air Conditioner and a mosquito netAll of our Hill side bungalows come with a new air conditioner which can be used 24 hours per day. There is a mosquito net for the hours just before and after sunset and dawn when mosquito's tend to be most active, but most of our guest feel that the mosquito net adds a bit of romance to the room and leave them down all the time. The twin beds have never received a single complaint since we bought them, so we dare to say that these hill side bungalows are among the most comfortable mid class accommodations on Koh Chang island.

En-suite bathrooms with shower, toilet and sink

basic, but private shower and toilet are en-suite shopping within close distanceNothing fancy, but fully operational bathrooms are available in the privacy of your own bungalow. The is no hot water available, but who needs hot water when the outside temperature is between 23 degrees at night and 30 - 35 degrees Celsius during the day?

The best spot on Lonely Beach: Hill side at Siam Beach Resort

The beach is just one step away from the hillside bungalows

Undoubtedly the best location on Lonely Beach, so it won't be long before these friendly priced bungalows will be replaced by 4 star accommodations like pool villa's or spa rooms with jacuzzi's on their terraces. Make sure you are amongst the last people to enjoy lonely beach like people have done it so many years: in spacious, comfortable wooden bungalow with a large balcony overlooking jungle and the emerald clear sea.

Siam Beach Resort, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, Koh Chang island, Trat, 23170 Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)8-007-007-64, +66(0)87-026-5515