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Siam beach resort's history on lonely beach, KC

Nearly worthless beach front landIt was about 30 years ago that a visionary man bought 30 rai of relatively worthless beachfront land on a few remote jungle islands. At the time the only inhabitants were the fisherman who lived in the stilts village at Bang Bao beach and a few coconut growers that were living scattered all over the island. There were no hotels, no roads, there was no electricity and no means of communication with the mainland. All supplies, as well as the people, had to be carried to Koh Chang island's Tah Nam Beach by idle fishing boats.

These rather primitive conditions combined with the incredible whispering palms, white powdery sand beaches, clear blue seas and tropical surroundings quickly attracted the first backpackers to Lonely beach (Tah Nam Beach) on Koh Chang. And even today Lonely beach still holds the reputation of being a backpacker heaven where you can watch the coconut trees grow and meditate on the deeper meaning of life. However, as always, things, people and places change. Many travel guides, including the Lonely Planet Thailand and the Lonely Planet's Beaches and Islands of Thailand , Siam Beach Resort before: huts on the beachstill list Thailand's only Lonely beach as an backpacker's beach. This is partially true because you will still find several of the famous hut resorts on Tah Nam Beach on Koh Chang island, but their number is rapidly declining and the number of regular hotel- or bungalow resorts being constructed on lonely beach, are on the rise. Our little sister: the Siam Huts Koh Chang is still one of the most famous backpacker bungalow parks in Thailand today. Actually, Siam Beach Resort was one of the first hut resorts to open up here on Lonely beach, while this Tah Nam Beach itself was one of the first beaches on Koh Chang to be developed to cater to these minimalist tourists. Back in those days our guests would arrive here on Lonely beach by fishing boat and virtually be stuck here until the next fishing boat would come by. During the raining season this could sometimes take days or even weeks for the next fishing boat to land on Tah Nam Beach!

Siam Beach Resort used to be about huts on the beach...

3 ferries service koh chang, from early morning until after sundownNowadays, with 3 ferry lines sailing continuously for 12 hours per day and a number of speedboats that bring guests to the island, travel is so much more convenient and as a result, the type of visitor to Koh Chang island is changing quickly. This is why we saw the need to upgrade the flag ship of the Siam resorts on Tah Nam Beach from a backpacker's hut resort to this full fledged 4 star resort hotel which has a large swimming pool with jacuzzi, large clean air conditioned rooms with tasteful decorations & furniture and subscriber satellite TV and extremely comfortable beds in a mosquito proof environment.

These days Siam Beach Resort is about comfort for the entire family.

Sea side massages on Lonely BeachThe old hut environment may have added some kind of mystical value for people in their late teens and early twenties, but it was always very difficult to bring a family with children to the Siam Beach resort huts on lonely beach and make their stay comfortable enough. Now that we have changed the huts to comfortable hotel rooms this has changed and we will be improving on this promise by providing the option of having extra beds and / or mattresses in our deluxe rooms and in the near future there will be a special kid's corner on the beach near the swimming pool. While you enjoy a wonderful relaxing hour long Thai massage in our, soon to be renovated, Thai massage center, your children will be safe and learning about Tah Nam Beach & Sea and it's inhabitants. You can even sign them up for a mini-snorkeling tour, if they are old enough.

No need to wake up early at the comfortable Siam Beach resort!

Blond girl in miniskirt on lonely beachWith a limited number of hotel rooms there is no need to get up early the next morning to reserve a beach- or pool chair, because the number of available beds normally outnumber the number of guests. With a few decades of experience in providing excellent service to people that want to wind down and clear their heads, we are confident that we will be able to make you and your family relax and feel happy here on lonely beach hotel for years to come. Our recent switch to becoming a family friendly, safe and comfortable beach resort hotel is proving to be a winner for all parties involved and we can now honestly say that the Siam Beach Resort Koh Chang is the place on Koh Chang where you and your family can have a relaxing, peaceful and safe holiday in Thailand.

Want to see even more nature or 100% crystal clear sea water?

Super clean water around Koh Kood resortFor those who have a few extra days; are able to travel light and want to experience a few days on a real remote tropical island: we can now offer a 3 days / 2 night nature lover packages in our Koh Kood Resort and spa on Koh Kood island, approximately 45 minutes south of Koh Chang. This true nature resort has beautiful bungalows that stand in a botanical garden, where you can be one with nature, in your open air bathroom with large shower.

Transportation to the Koh Kood resort departs daily at 11:30 from the Siam Beach resort or Siam Bay resort but seats on the Koh Chang speedboat need to be booked at least 24 hrs before departure. For more information, please visit the Koh Kood resort website). Thai readers can visit the เกาะช้าง and เกาะกูด website.

Siam Beach Resort, 100/1 Moo 4, Lonely Beach, Koh Chang island, Trat, 23170 Thailand.
Tel: +66(0)8-007-007-64, +66(0)87-026-5515